Commercial CNSL Under reduced Pressure was distilled at a temperature of 225o C under reduced pressure (1mm of Hg) to obtain cardanol. A pale yellow to brown liquid of refractive index 1.5 at 30o C .Cardanol is a phenol which has a C15 unsaturated alkyl chain with 1-3 double bonds at m-position.Cardanol is a mixture of cardanol 90% and cardol 10%.

Specifications of Cardanol








Water White

Pale Straw Yellow

Color on Gardner Scale

Max 5

Min 12

Specific Gravity @ 30 Degree Celsius



Viscosity CPS

Max 45

Max 65

Viscosity @ 30 Degree Celsius Sec bt f4 CUP



Ash Content %



Volatiles at 163 Degree Celsius

Max 1.0

Max 1.0

Acid Value mg KOH/g

Max 3.0

Max 5.0

Iodine Value (wiz's method)



Polymerization time in Mins

Max 12

Max 10

Boiling point Degree celcius @ VAC.3 to 5 TORR






Application of Cardanol



Laminating Industry

Resole type cardanol  formaldehyde resin solution in slcohol are used as adhesives for  laminates

All types of  bondings

Alkemine condensates of cardanol are powerful adhesives  used in metal to metal bonding

Insulating Varnish

Cardanol used as diluents in bis-phenol based epoxy  resin provides extremely good insulating properties.

Putty and electrical

Polyurethane resins of cardanol are used in sealants  encapsulating puttys.

Surface active agents  (Emulsifiers, dispersants and wetting agents)

Ethoxylated cardanol and  sulfonated ethers of cardanol are used as oil in water emulsifiers in pesticides  and as wetting agent in textile  industries.


Packing of Cardanol

Cardanol has a tendency to oxidise and acquire colour on exposure to light and air. Depending upon the time of storage of cardanol , one can either go for MS drums or GI drums. Cardanol retains its natural colour best in GI drums. Drums usually hold 190/195 kgs net weight of cardanol only.

Bulk consumers can however prefer ISO tanks , Flexi tanks , Tanker trucks etc.



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